The truth hurts

December 10, 2007
The truth hurts
As I sit and gaze
Into the dark stormy night I wonder
How would my life be if I was to go back in time and change all the things that I have done?
I listen as the world sit and talk as if they know what I have been threw the pain that I have felt
I ask for forgiveness from all the people that I have hurt
I’m speechless of words my breath is taken from the lies I have told to cover up my true life
It’s like I’m traveling through time when only it’s a game with my mind
People judge me from the stories that they have heard but yet the truth is untold
It hurts knowing that I have to feel this pain not physically but mentally
As the lighting strikes it’s like I can feel the same pain as the moon is feeling when the sun comes up
It hurts to be truthfully
Knowing what people would say how they would treat me and most of all how they would judge me
The feeling I feel is the distance between life and death meaning pain and pleasure the pleasure to live life
Or the pain to feel death
While I sit and gaze my thoughts, feelings, and pain is traveling
I wonder

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