Thank You

December 10, 2007
You've got me so high,
So far off the ground
I don't want to say goodbye
I want you to stay around

The trust you've got programmed in my head
And the things that you've said
I want you to get better; live the life you want

I don't want your pain to go on
I want it to all be gone

You're not crazy
You're not insane
Don't listen to what they say
Please stay another day

I don't want to let go
I know you have yo
It's destroying you
I hope you know I'm telling you the truth

So thank you for being there
Thank you for the care, and the trust
Thank you for the best

I want you to know I'll miss you
I hope you the best for what you still have to go through

Thank you for staying by my side
Thank you for the care, and the trust...
Thank you for the best

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