Life Was A Dream

January 13, 2011
By Will.Roach BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
Will.Roach BRONZE, Brick, New Jersey
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You want a little piece of heaven

To keep all for yourself

A little shell on the ocean

What you hear is what she felt

To be a fly on the gate

Who gets in and who stays

Who does wrong

They suffer their fate

For the dying words

Hold the hand to heart and pray

When you are lost

She keeps the faith

What to do

When your turned away?

Cast a soul and apart

To the fire to the shade

To be a victim of your belief

And die alone and betrayed

For one wrong doing

Cast into the flames

Suffer in silence

In the silence resides the truth

A hostage of your conscience

The end of the ruse

All your harmony and patience

All you have to lose

To be turned from the path

Redemption stolen from you

Death in the book

Offered life a stale truce

Promised a love to great to recieve

Carried from a hole to deep to be retrieved

She died with your hope

When it was time that your freed

Her true colors shown

With the books shallow decree

In death a man wants to believe

In the face of the unknown faith is necessity

Just remember that once upon a time

Life was a dream

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