The Redeeming Hand

December 10, 2007
By Diane Song, Commack, NY

She has fallen
Those times when she was so strong
The hearts that she touched
Made her fight for so long
But now she has fallen

She tried to reach out
Tried to get back on her feet
But she couldn't, how could she go about?
Through all this trouble she just ended up feeling beat.
She has fallen.

She remembered the days of jumping, singing, and dancing with pleasure
Where she could finally be humble
She felt as if she had the greatest treasure.
But now her empty heart grumbles.
She has fallen.

She tried to hide her pain
Putting a fake smile on her face
Then she realized what was to gain?
But right at that moment she remembered that amazing grace
She is rising.

She knew she couldn't do this alone.
Through all the suffering and distress
She realized all that she hadn't known
That her time was becoming less and less.
She is rising.

She finally saw the light
Reached out to the helping hand
That blinded the night
Throughout all the land
She is rising.

Again, she was finally dancing
Because of that amazing love
Her full heart prancing
Because of the glorious light from above
I am finally standing.

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