I often watch the leaves blow by

December 9, 2007
I often watch the leaves blow by,
And feel the autumn winds sweep me away.
I try so hard not to cry,
The beauty of time just flying by.
I close my eyes and smell the sweet air,
Utter beauty with just a touch of despair,
Oh the years have grown in age,
The years disappearing white to gray.
Am I truly ready for life to begin,
What if I fail or fall or cant swim,
In the pressures of true life?
These are the times I will always remember,
My mind flowing freely like burning embers.
Wrapped up by love all the time,
Reminding me that my long lost love is finally mine.
But those strong feelings I always get,
As I lye awake on my bed,
Why wont my mind just take a rest?
I guess what they say will still haunt me.
Why am I the object of their aggression?
Diminishing my only piece of sanity left.
I just try to ignore these inhuman feelings,
And focus on things with true meaning,
Love for one will always be there,
Whether I’m frightened, angry, apathetic or scared.
Oh beautiful seasons just take me away,
Send your messengers who have fallen from grace.
Wrap me up with your entangling vines,
Shelter me from these things so unkind.
Hold me back from self-destruction,
For only my life has just begun.

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