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January 13, 2011
By lenhartm BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
lenhartm BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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You walk threw a crowded street, only seeing the outer beauty of everybody around you

But that's sometimes all people need

As you settle into class full of noisy kids you can't help but to Notice the child that tunes out all the noise

Your in the lunchroom when you spot that same kid from class, he is being shoved and pushed to the back of the line

The bell rings, you chose to take the long way home, you are walking down the alley way to see the same boy from class and lunch.

Only this time he isn't alone, there are three others, preppy jocks, you cannot understand why they are talking to him like that.

You are frozen, you can't run... I have to help, but they will hurt me to, I'll wait

As they pummel him right before your eyes, you have the urge to sought yell but you can't bring yourself to do it

They are finished..... They walk away.... You want to help bit can't, the boy gets up, looks in your direction.... He walks away

As you wake from the morning calling from behind the blinds, you turn on the news to find a gruesome discovery

The boy from class, lunch, and in the ally has taken his life.

You know the effects of bullying but do you have the courage to stop it

The author's comments:
i feel strongly about this topic and it needs to stop

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