You wanted to serve your country

December 10, 2007
You wanted to serve your country
They gave you papers to sign
“You’ll be a part of your country
If you sign the dotted line”

Your country gave you a gun
And told you “Shoot to kill!”
But you saw something there
That made your heart stand still

Your country told you “They’re the enemy”
And believe them, you did
Until you saw, there in the road,
An innocent young kid

He stood there staring at you
Holding a package, dirty brown
Your country said “Drop it kid,
Or you’ll be one with the ground!”

But instead he came closer now
Instead of backing away
And it will never leave you,
What you witnessed that day

He was sprawled out on the ground
Bloody, and certainly dead
Because your country ordered you
To put a bullet through his head

The boy’s dad ran to him in horror
And carried him to the lawn
And pulled from his son’s hands
A package of pictures he’d drawn

Your countrymen aimed at the father
And you jumped in front yelling “Stop!”
But your comrade pulled the trigger
And the last thing you heard was a pop

You were betrayed by your country
While you waved its flag
And were repaid by your country
With a black body bag

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Country_Boy said...
Apr. 17, 2011 at 11:44 pm
Very nice man. I Like it. It's deep man.
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