January 13, 2011
Raise your hand if you like school
You're lying
Because see nobody likes school
Or a least that’s how I feel
It’s a mandatory prison that sucks the life out of us
With us being the prisoners
And teachers being guards, wardens or whatever
Whose endeavors to make our days miserable succeed
As they find the need to make us believe
That what they are teaching us are life necessities
Enough with all this nonsense about As and Bs
And grading us on our knowledge of densities
Or the date we bombed the Japanese
Or even the symptoms of some random disease
Because the way I see it is
Its just their way of controlling us
Keeping us on the assembly line of learning
While all of us are yearning to be returning to our beds
Where the days lesson plan sits burning in our heads
Causing tossing and turning until we finally stop dead
Our brains fried with fruitless knowledge
Branded into our minds like were cattle
Abusing their powers by handing out tardies
Which lead to detentions and loss of exemptions
And possible suspensions as we try to escape
Like its Shawshank Redemption
Its turns us all into zombies
Following the same routine over and over again
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Waking to the mechanical rooster of an alarm clock
Dreading the day to come
Wake up, shower, get dressed, brush on some crest
For those pearly whites so we can fake a smile
And walk the endless mile of school that’s compiled of
Pointless school subjects
Man teacher need to give them a rest
Nobody cares about supply and demand curves
Or even about writing silly spoken w….just kidding
But as I sit here and try to finish this poem
I have one thing to say to you Mrs Cicero
I didn’t wanna do you this
You know that’s its true
But Im here for round 2 just do to it for you

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