Internally Hurt

January 13, 2011
Anger, arguing, pain, and strife,
Make me want to end my life.
I know it's not the answer,
it's the easy way out.
But recently I've had my doubts.

Internally hurt,
Therefore I'm cut,
But reality is,
I didn't think enough.

My pain on the inside,
Shows up on the out,
Making me scared,
And full of doubt.

Can I do this?
Do I have strength?
Or is this suffering,
Of endless length?

I'm insecure,
And unsure of myself,
Scars there for all to see,
Like they're up on a shelf.

My life is pointless,
All I do is cry,
I am helpless;
Wonder what it's like to die

Don't do it.
Put don't the knife,
You are worth it,
Keep your life.

Play my guitar,
Pick up the phone,
Maybe soon
I'll be trusted alone.

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