Love from the perspective of all

January 13, 2011
By dmerar BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
dmerar BRONZE, Mequon, Wisconsin
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I am happy in love:
the seemingly endless bliss of a perfect night
concluded with a goodnight kiss, so delicate and so kind
the simple whispers of "I love you", before bed
a fairy tale ending that every girl dreams of
one prince charming to run off into the sunset with
when happiness collides with reality,
for a minute, just one minute, everything is still
this happily ever after sings me sweetly to sleep.

I was cheated on:
a hurricane of anger overflows through my eyes
why I trusted you, is so lost in my mind
the wrecking ball has struck, leaving nothing untouched
you're begging and you're pleading, you're sorry, so damn sorry
but, it's too late to apologize-it's too late
because the deception of this invention named marriage
has already been shredded past restoration
and now, you're just another picture to burn.

I am getting divorced:
a weight lifted from the pit of your heart, from the pit of mine too
the unhappiness of this disastrous adventure has finally reached a conclusion
and exclusion of you from my life, and me from yours
the realization of the actualization of disposable marriages
warnings throughout life in the form of bored husbands and unhappy wives
what went wrong still an unexplained mystery
our love started out so undeniably strong
better off, people may say
a new start for the both of us

I fell out of love:
the unutterable feelings of tripping out of love
a boulder thrust in the path of forever
the why's and how's and what's and when's
thrown carelessly into the moaning silence
the tears of unanswered questions overtake the beauty of the simplicity of love
maybe a little more effort and a little less work
more attention showered in the right direction
this marriage crumbled thanks to the bustle
of everyday life that hordes our time and our love and our hearts and our souls

I am a victim of an arranged marriage:
forced down the aisle with not a hint of a smile
barricaded into this prison cell of falsified love
hidden behind this veil of fear,
each tear that falls is a reminder that this is the beginning of the end
a relationship created through the intensity of obedience
kept alive by the panic that something worse may arise
kept alive but wanted dead

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