The world as we know it

December 9, 2007
By Rizwan Shaikh, Chandler, AZ

This destruction I cant understand
And there is no one around who can

As Trees turn to dust
And Abandoned cities begin to rust

We lost to a foe that no could hide
The true force is uncontrolled carbon dioxide

The lakes and rivers are a desert bed
Into which the mountain once bled

The ocean is gone with no life to carry
Not it is no more than in ancient cemetary

We took advantage of our beautiful home
Now everyone is gone and the earth is alone

We cannot fix our mistakes
That put us in this hellish state

Buried cities and monuments are all that remain
of a once thriving civilization that once came

We can stop this from happening if we try
To conserve and to keep the CO2 from the sky

If we all do our part we wont fall into this pit
and a destroyed planet will not be the world as we know it

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