January 10, 2011
By Mimiz BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
Mimiz BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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One day I will give birth to my wonderful princess daughter, will start crying and ill tell her to never stop.

I’ll always kiss her and hug her before she goes to sleep

I’ll always lay her down and sing to her so she could know am there.

I’ll teach her how to write, read and always speak her mind

I’ll teach her the cruel world, to never look down and give up

I’ll teach her to keep her enemies close, to never hate them or hurt them

I’ll teach her to always carry a pencil to write down all the evidence.

I’ll teach her to always forgive, but not trust again

I’ll teach her that not all the time is being in Disney World

I’ll teach her that life is like a Farry’s wheel sometimes you are down and sometimes you are up

I’ll teach her that she could have everything she wants if she gives all to get it

I’ll teach her that fire doesn’t hurt it actually helps you

I’ll teach her to scream out loud not talk

I’ll teach her to be caring and also loving

I’ll teach her how men are not the most important thing in life; they are just a pass time
I’ll teach her not to depend on other people

I’ll teach her how things get broken real easily

I’ll teach her to be brave and stronger then me

So when she is a beautiful woman she can shine just like a shooting star ….

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