December 9, 2007
I see you smoking that cigarette
You haven’t quite grasped it yet.

I watch as each puff of smoke you breathe in
Captures the morals and beliefs you used to believe in

Smoke rushes from your lips
There goes my trust

Another puff of smoke
In the shape of the man I used to know

Now look at you.

Lying, cheating, and suicide
Are characteristics in which you seem to confide

Confusion and pain floods my face
As I watch the smoke carry away your faith

In me, in your family, in yourself.

Tears invade my eyes,
Impairing any vision of a hopeful future for you.

Ive done all I can
We all have.

The cigarette falls to the ground,
Left alone in the world

Only to get trampled on and run over,
Again and again.

You drive away
I will never see you again anyway

No, Not the person I used to see
A knew boy who is no longer trusted by me.

I see you smoking that cigarette
You still haven’t grasped it yet

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rini6 said...
Aug. 6, 2008 at 1:07 am
your poem is very insightful and well written. I think every teenager should read it.
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