Today I ran...

January 8, 2011
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Today I walked out
Today I decided to run
I decided to runaway
I told you this would happen
But you wouldn't listen
You wouldn't listen to your own child

Today I packed my things and left
Today I left
I decided to take everything
I knew this would happen
I knew I should turn back
I pushed this thought away
I wouldn't listen to this thought

Today I ran
Today I ran from this life
I ran far from this empty life
I wondered if I did what was right
but I knew it was to late
To make up my mind
I wouldn't turn back

Today I wondered
How long it would take you
To learn I was gone
I wondered if you would care
Even a little
I wondered if I should care
Yet I did care
But this life was to hard for me

Today I rode in the back
Of a police car

Today I sat in the back
Of a police car

I just turned myself in
I knew I should have turned back

They dropped me off
And told you to keep an eye on me

Today I found out that
You didn't turn in
The missing persons report

Today I cried
For I found out
That you don't care about me
You knew I was gone
For I saw everything
Of mine was gone

Today I shouted
Today I ran again
But this time I ran in my head
In my head I ran
Without turning back
Without thinking twice

Today I hid
I hid from you
For when I look into your eyes
You didn't look back

Today I realized
I realized that I don't matter
You don't care if I was gone
Your daughter

Today I wanted to run
but I didn't today

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