Greek Gods and the Dark Sky

December 9, 2007
The sky lit up at Zeus' command
Like Ares he brought war in his hand
The light reflected the glistening sand
creating a painting of magnificent land
Then the roaring began
A noise that Hades could no longer stand

Hades rose from the ground
Angered and tempered
Seeking the sound
Then he stopped to remember
He'd heard it before
Yes it was Zeus

Hades met with Poseidon at the shore In the distance stood Aphrodite and Ares waving an oar
Together they'd make a strong army of four
The underworld, depths of the ocean and love vs. war
Would send that Zeus pleading no more
The sky would no longer pour

Zeus sent one last bolt of lightning
Hoping it would be frightening
But Hades laughed underground and shook the floor
While Ares commanded the war
Poseidon tore through the waves with his love for the ocean
creating waves of massive destruction

The night stood dark, the waters still
Zeus lie on the shore, his power ill
Lighting would no longer go by his will
His power he could no longer feel
Every movement made him ill
All he could do was kneel and plead for what was no longer

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