When I lay Down at Night to go to bed

December 9, 2007
When I lay Down at Night to go to bed
Images of you are playing out in my head
I can hear the sound of your sweet sweet voice
Knowing that your my number one choice
you are always so sweet to me in school
and never act a fool
i always thought of us as lovers, and less as friends
my feelings for you will never end
so when you say im your favorite girl
does that mean you want me in your world
when we are studying at your home
i always feel safe and not alone
when im cold and when it snows
you hold me tight and never let go
you always write me amazing letters
that always seem to last forever
and when im sick or feeling down
you will drive miles just to fix my frown
you call me at least three times a day
just to hear if im doing ok
you called me in the middle of the night
everything you said made my heart feel right
you said you wanted to see me right away
it was important, you had something to say
you took me on a walk in the park
the stars were shining and it was dark
you turned to me and said my name
i knew it was true, you felt the same
you pulled me close and took my hand
and said "baby, can i be your man"i giggled a little and my checks turned red
i was shocked about what you said
you took of your sweater and gave it to me
and i knew right then, we were meant to be
you stroked my check and whispeared in my ear
and told me dont worry, when your with me you'll have know fear
you pulled me closer and looked in my eyes
and told me you wont tell lies
you kissed me gently for a little while
i knew thi swas love, i wasnt in denial
you wrapped your arms around me tight
and said Youll stay with me all night
when u took me home and said goodbye
i was in love, and felt like i could fly
you grabbed me as soon as i walked through the door
and told me you loved me and kissed me some more

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