December 9, 2007
The last leaf fell off the lifeless August tree
Tumbling and twisting magnificently in midair,
Trying to keep its place 100s of feet from the floor,
Only to fall lightly on the hard, frozen ground.
A human fears a variety of things, like spiders and water.
The universal fear of a leaf is the ground.
Separating it from all thousands of its brothers and sisters,
Depriving it of everything needed to keep it alive,
Sucking it into its final and definite death.
That’s the only thing the ground does for a leaf,
Ostracizing, Starving and Decaying.
So the leaf resumed its place, lying on its back for days
Occasionally being crunched into 500 pieces by a human,
And starting to lose the very tips of its five arms.
That’s what it did for days.
Until, its knight in shining armor came.
The wind swept it up from its feet and threw the leaf into the air,
Where it rolled and swiveled in the air,
Reunited with its home in the heavens once again.

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May 16, 2009 at 5:29 pm
Wonderful!! Very cool idea, I like it a lot!!
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