December 9, 2007
Procrastination is a horrid habit
I wouldn’t call it a gift, for those who have it
Working all day and working all night
Wondering if any of the answers are even right
Ok, so you finished the work, it’s all there
However some of the lines are a little bit bare
That English project is almost due
You’d better get it done before you’re up after two
You’re almost done; you’ve almost finished the race
Don’t you dare move that mouse to Myspace
Almost there, now you need a drink?
Ok, but two minutes will be two hours faster than you think
Oh no! Now the printer is jammed
You should have thought about that before you crammed
Now the printer is fixed, and you’re all covered in ink
You look at your hands and run to the sink
Hurry up! You’re almost out of time
You run out of the house as if you committed a crime
At the bus stop you feel a lot safer
Wait, it seems you’ve forgotten your paper
You run back in and pack it away
You walk outside to find the bus would not stay
You have no choice because you have no car
You have to walk to school, and that’s very far
You arrive to class, you’re four minutes late
This is what happens when you procrastinate

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