Are we Questioning to Live or Living to Question?

December 9, 2007
-So there’s this girl who questioned everything since the moment she was born
She was a calm and quiet baby with rosy cheeks and an impatient mind she never asked for much just food and love.
-When she lay on her back for a ‘nap’ she would stare at the light bulb for hours
And wondered how and why it glowed?
-When she turned three she learned about the sun and she questioned its rotation around the earth.
-when she turned five she learned about the alphabet and math and writing and she questioned them each and every one every second of her life.
-When she turned 7 she learned about her imagination and manners and morals and writing and reading and she only questioned her imagination.
-she new what manners were needed for and why morals were necessary for respecting rules and life and writing for connecting and reading for understanding.
-When she turned 8 she learned about rape and puberty first hand and the wrong way and how strangers aren’t the only predators, your most loved ones are too.
-When she turned 9 she questioned her life and the morals she’d been taught and why they’d been taught if they were being broken every moment of her life in front of her by those whom had taught them to her.
-When she turned 11 she learned what a stripper was, her mother, she learned what a nark was, her father.
-When she turned 13 she learned to French kiss and let other men touch her for money.
-When she turned 14 she couldn’t wait until she was 18 to run away.
-When she turned 15 she not only experimented with coke and marijuana and alcohol she was forced to take a certain dosage at certain hours so she didn’t have to feel her customers.
-when she turned 16 she learned to drive and received a license
-When she turned 17 she learned about her rights and how she didn’t have to sell herself or use drugs, so she was so happy that day she went home and decided to plan her freedom…
-Later that week she was drugged with a glass of orange juice and an awkward flavor again she decided she didn’t have to take it so she took her purse and got into her car decided to drive and drive until she could no longer hear or remember what she’d learned in that house.
-Fortunate for her that night she learned that drugs help you do that but it was to late because she’d also forgotten how she got her license or how she got the car started or how to drive it or even how to stop it.
-when the car finally stopped there was an ambulance a gas leak a fire many police cars and a lost dream of turning 18.

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