I am autumn

December 9, 2007
I am autumn.
I am the swift passage between heat and frost.
I am the wind, the rain, and the crisp leaves.
Each year I am the turning point between summer and winter.
I am the pivot that makes the leaves turn color and the air cooler that it was before.

I am winter.
I am the gateway to warm weather.
I am the cold days, the black nights, and the frosty evening.
I have occurred once a year, no less, no more.
I help the spring become anticipated as i make my smooth transition from autumn.
I am the time of year where singing is joyous and the bells are ringing.
I am winter.

I am spring.
I am the beginning of a new year.
I am the blossoms, the misty rain showers and the garden hose.
I am a second chance, a new beginning.
I help the warm weather become evident to the surrounding world.
I am the time of year where patios are put to good use and the puddles on the sidewalk are just about dry.
I am spring.

I am summer.
I am bittersweet; unanticipated, yet craved for.
I bring heat and romance to the world.
I am the epitome of love season.
I help reintroduce the world to the fun it once knew.
I am pool season and vacation planning mayhem.
I am the time of year that brings breezy nights and sand between toes.
I am summer.

We are the seasons.
We help bring life and love to the world.
We keep things changing and help people realize that variety is a good thing.
We are the laughter, the smiles, and the freedom.
We are the seasons.

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