December 8, 2007
By Yilmarie Rosado, Boca Raton, FL

Speak of tomorrows,
Instead of your sorrows.
Speak of the light,
Without forgetting the dark.
Speak of your joys,
Share them with others.
Speak out to people,
That can be such a bother.
Speak of your worries,
And also of your dreams,
Speak of the actions
That are more than what they seem.
Speak with your mind,
But above all with your heart,
Don’t let reasoning,
Tear your feelings apart.
Speak of your fears,
Without being afraid to speak.
Speak to your peers
About what you really think.
Speak out your anger,
Don’t let it grow.
Speak of the aches,
That never leave you alone.
Speak, just speak.
That's my advice.
'Cause if you don't,
It'll just bottle up inside.

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