January 11, 2011
By LOVE:SimplyHeroic SILVER, Parkville, Maryland
LOVE:SimplyHeroic SILVER, Parkville, Maryland
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Take a step that's all you need to make your move ahead
Don't try to bound and jump or take a lead instead
You'll find you see if you fly your way through every moment passed
Regret will follow close behind until you've lived your last
Each friendship made will lack the depth that any would have wished
Because when striving for Tomorrow Today becomes a list
Of chores to quickly do before all time is lost
Oblivious to all the joys a hasty life can cost
Relationships and memories left in yesterday
Forgotten in the planning of yet another day
Why is it you can't slow down enough to hear the song
Composed to play so beautifully but doesn't play for long
The end will sneak into your world so unexpectedly
And lift the veil of endless time that you refuse to see
You'll miss the piece that carefully was chosen just for you
By hurrying your way through life a masterpiece you'll lose

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