My mistake

January 4, 2011
By Anonymous

Two a.m.
Wide awake
Planning another
Big mistake

In the house
Praying some more
Hands in my head
Knees on the floor

Hearing of God
Ask to protect
He told me one thing
That thing I neglect

Two hours past
Brought back home
Immediately questioned
But I’m not alone

This voice in my head
Is replaying my sin
Why didn’t I listed
And do this again

He told me the future
He told me to stay
Do not go out
Do not disobey

But did I follow
That simple instruction
Not at that point
My mind did not function

So when I was caught
My hands in red
I remembered that night
Of what God had said

If you go out
You will be caught
But do not think
I love you not

So I’ll take my sentence
Judge and jury
A year’s long grief
I’m in no hurry

But thank you God
For stopping me
My self destructive

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