Untold Story

January 12, 2011
By xoxbegurl01xox SILVER, Spokane, Washington
xoxbegurl01xox SILVER, Spokane, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"life isn't measure by how many breaths we take...it's measured by how many moments take our breath away"

Her eyes,
Empty as a black hole.
Her heart,
Aching for more love.
Her body,
Beaten and bruised.

She used to be confident,
Not caring what other people had said.
She used to be beautiful,
On the inside and out.
She used to be one of a kind,
Now she is a statistic.

Her smile,
Could make anyone go weak at the knees.
Her eyes,
Used to be full of love and joy.
Her hair,
So radiant that it seemed to only be a figment of imagination.

She loved her family,
For they would always be there.
She loved her friends,
Since they would always have her back.
She loved her school,
It was the only remainder in her life that would stay the same.

Had she known that he was going to hit her,
She would have never snuck out.
Had she known that he was going to beat her to the ground,
She would have never loved him.
Had she known that he was going to pull the gun on her,
She would have never said no.

What pushed him?
Was it the fact that she didn't give him the time of day?
Was it the fact that they had spent day after day together doing the same thing?
Or was it the fact that she no longer loved him.

Her voice,
Has no sound.
Her lips,
Can't speak words.
Her atmosphere,
Lingers an untold story.

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