being bullied

January 12, 2011
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If you were made fun of what would you do would you do.

Would you let them get to you and run away like I once did too

would you stand up to them and pick a fight.

Or would you let them beat you up and try to hold in tight.

Would you get to the point were you commit suicide.

Or would you standby with a teacher at your side.

Would you let them get to your friends and stay out of sight.

or would you muster up braveness courage and might.

Everytime you see them will you tremble in fear.

Or will you just ignore them and stay in cheer.

Will you make it to were you have awesome teen ages.

Or will you make it to were you have miserable dark teen ages.

Will you be social,cheery,and still have finesse.

Or will you be dark,scary,and always be depressed

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