The Mood of War

January 13, 2011
War is impulse,
People acting without thinking
Not realizing their actions until it’s over
Not knowing who, only why
Not knowing where or what, only why
Killing people because you’re told to
While ending the lives of fallen foes.
Who knows what the dead contain?
Their thoughts and ideas forever silenced.
When we’re young, we’re told to work out difference,
Why can we not do this now?
War is the abandonment or negotiation and reason,
And like everything in life, there’s not going back.
We’re told to stand up for what is right, yet these actions are wrong.
We have become creatures of impulse rather than beings capable of thought.
We’re told, “We’re the greatest country on Earth,” but fighting continues to go on.
We must change the way we interact, or we too may be silenced.

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