New Season November

January 13, 2011
By Wilson21 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Wilson21 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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The last of the leaves,
Fall to the ground.
The howling wind,
Is the only sound.
Has just passed.
The year is ending,
Way too fast.

Remember the Vets,
On November eleven.
For they watch over us,
From up in Heaven.
They fought for us,
To keep us free.
Both on land,
And in the sea.

Turning our clocks
Back an hour,
Saves us some sleep,
And uses less power.
The days get shorter
And nights get longer,
As the Christmas season
Grows ever stronger.

Giving thanks,
Is a huge theme.
We all eat too much,
Or so it seems.
Thanksgiving day,
Starts with a parade.
Time with the family,
Is why it was made.

That don’t-wanna-go-out,
Feeling sets in.
And Christmas season,
Is about to begin.
Football season,
Is at its peak,
A playoff berth,
Is what every team seeks.

As the weather takes,
A turn for the worse.
In a nice hot bath,
We wish to submerse.
The plows get ready,
To hit the streets.
And children use comforters,
To replace their sheets.

The snow floats down,
And covers the ground.
The kids collect it,
And make a monstrous mound.
Snowboarding hills,
Are the place to be.
November is the best,
Month in history.

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