Secrets of a Pornstar

January 13, 2011
By teddy56a BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
teddy56a BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Seth slowly walked into the double doors
which led to the long white hallway of his workspace.
He heart runts and groans in each ear coming from all rooms
which was unavoidable since he dealt with it everyday.
Seth felt the excitement tingle through his body as his black robe dropped off.
The long-haired-brunette waited for him on the purple leather couch
completely naked and smiling with one hand rubbing her breasts.
Seth looked in the large mirror next to him as he got to work
and was now used to the fifteen camera flashes every 3 seconds in his face.
His unusual lifestyle started to creep up on his mind as he finished
with another random girl.
He dripped of sweat as he slipped on some sandals, headed to the shower, feeling as dirty as a bum in an alley. He threw on some basketball shorts and dwindled to his bed, lying comfortably in his silk sheets.

Seth Nongrab slugged to his candy apple red Cadillac sitting in his horseshoe driveway.
Once he was inside he knew what the only that kept him happy was.
So he quickly unlocked his glovebox to find the bag of his favorite white powder.
The cutting board he put in his car was pretty useful as he drove to the studio,
trying to break up and snort the cocaine he used daily.
Driving home from work, the sun hovering over the golden-sanded Miami Beach
kept a smile on his face.
His car shimmered in the glowing orange sunlight
and stuck out like that one red light on a sting of all white Christmas lights.

As Seth drove up to his white brick palace
his dog Rocky was pouncing at the door barking uncontrollably.

He walked through his big red doors and fell onto the couch.

He grabbed a bottle of wine and chugged it adding to his numbness.
Surprisingly, he found his director and some other bimbo in his kitchen.
The thought of going to bed was the only thing on his mind.

As he slinked backed to the coach his director crept up behind him.

His hands slowly drifted on to Seth’s shoulders caressing them, trickling under his shirt, eventually to his chest.
They both finished the wine and headed to the master bedroom.

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