Imaginary Friend

January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

There once was a young girl
and her Imaginary Friend,
Who stuck together, side by side,
Until the very end.

He was friendly and kind,
With bug furry ears,
And fluffy white wings,
And horns of a deer’s.

The two went on adventures,
Never did they part,
Imaginary Friend and she,
Loved each other with all their heart.

But then, one day, to his dismay,
Girl stopped dreaming dreams,
She stopped looking at Imaginary Friend,
She had much more important things.

He floated behind her,
And trumpeted out her name,
But girl could not hear him,
She wasn’t entirely the same.

Years went by for Friend and Girl,
Things happened to this pair,
Their looks, their hearts, their very souls,
It seemed to Friend, unfair.

Still, he loved her very much,
Though pain the two did share,
Her heart broke, his heart shattered, like a glass vase without care.

Still the clock soared on,
They too Friend’s white wings away,
Gave him tattered green ones,
Like old flowers in a bouquet.

And yet Girl never noticed
what had befallen her Imaginary Friend.
Her eyes were on another creature,
Stayed he through thick and thin.
Friend began to doubt she would ever see
what had happened to him so,
Still he did not leave her side,
Still he did not leave her shadow.

Time stole more from him,
The years clear in his tired eyes.
He found a quiet place to close them,
To escape time’s wretched tides.

A soft shouting erupted
a few days ahead.
Girl rushed in to see two children
cowering in their bed.

“A monster! A monster!”
The two girls cried in fear.
Girl pat their heads,
Telling them no such creature was near.

They pointed to the closet,
Girl walked over with care,
And swung open the doors
to see what lay in there.

Her eyes did not believe
What lay in a matted mess.
“Imaginary Friend, you’re here!”
she said with a gasp.

Imaginary Friend lifted his
old head with care.
“Dear Girl, you see me now?
Please, do not stare.”

“I am old and sad,
And I feel so forgotten and for not.”
“But now you see me,
And times seems to have lost.”

“I am not here to frighten,
I wish to protect.
Please do not scare them,
Their fears I will collect.”

Girl looked at him in sadness,
And motioned for her children near,
“Please meet an old friend,
You have nothing to fear.”

The children then saw him,
They found his wings to their delight
As a smile reached across their faces,
“Please, Mom, could we go for a flight?”

With children on his back,
And girl back in his story,
The bright moon bleached his fur,
Revealing this original glory.

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