Girl With Bandaid

December 11, 2007
By Lauren Glass, Seattle, WA

She walked down the hall,
A goofy half-grin pasted on her face,
And an Elmo bandaid plastered on her forehead,
For all the world to see

The bandaid was more of a message to herself than anyone else
It reassured her that she didn’t have to be perfect,
She didn’t have to act like everyone else,
Instead, individual was an option

The bandaid was her talisman,
It gave her unknown power,
As if the sticky seal had been concocted magically
Just for her

Sure, she received stares, looks of confusion
Some of disgust, other were laughing at her,
Directly into her
But with her Elmo bandaid she smiled at them
Dimples glowing
And walked away
Her steps filled with sugar and spice

I am the girl with the bandaid
I once felt interior and weak
But as I wear this simple item upon my head
Everything becomes calm, I am soothed.
As I walk past these people in the halls
I am confident like never before.
This bandaid is my secret weapon.

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