I like many ice cream flavors

December 10, 2007
By Max Vaysman, Commack, NY

I like many ice cream flavors
How ‘bout you
Chocolate, vanilla, and rocky road are just a few
Coffee and strawberry are good too

Chocolate fudge brown and chocolate chip
Are favorites of good old Uncle Pip
He also likes black cherry and mint chocolate chip
Because his doctor said it was good for his hip

After a serving of nutty coconut and chocolate fudge
My grandpa the Judge
Could not budge

Butter pecan and cherry jubilee
Make my brother Lee
Shout with glee

My grandma Nina
Adds low fat caramel turtle or tinroof sundae to her dinner
Because she wants to watch her figure

Chocolate chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough
Are great to eat on the patio

French vanilla and vanilla bean
Are loved by students, the dean
And everyone in between

Caramel chocolate swirl and caramel supreme
Mixed with triple chocolate and cookies ‘N cream
Are fun and healthy ice creams
Or so it would seem

This is a list of ice cream flavors
That I like to keep in my refrigerators.

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