im fallin fast

December 10, 2007
By Joshua Windham, Killeen, TX

im fallin fast
my breath is short
i cant grasp
what i felt was so sure

the treas are dry
my anger dead
im about to die
and i cant remember what you said

i see the light
but i step away
ive lost my sight
itll end today

my love is gone
my soul nomore
i hear our song
but im still so sore

as i fade
im only a dream
i wish this pain would go away
for im wraped in ur schem

i know the truth
that u try to ingore
i see my fate
at your door

my vision clouded
my feelings out of control
i cant believe i trusted you
you was i so bold

i though u could save me
from the darkness
but you pushed me in
and i say my final farewell

i hope you cry
and feel so hurt
cause you caused me to die
on this patch of dirt

on the news ill be
for all to see
all i truely wanted was you to be close
but you didnt care about how i felt

i finally see
that this was ment to be
but you wanted to long
now im far beyond gone

with these final words
i call to you
and i wish you would say
"it was all true"

but i know youve left
without a word
so i say goodbye
and leave you in peace

just remember that i cared
and that when i need you the most
i look far and wide
but you were nowhere

i hope his arms are better then mine
and that you pain will heal over time....

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