What Hurts The Most

November 18, 2007
There was a time when he couldnt resist me
Now hes gone and doesn't even miss me
He told me forever but forever isnt real
It's going to take a long time to heal
But I guess not for him, since hes moved on
I can't believe I fell for his con

He just would hold me so tight
That it his touch - it just felt so right
I can't stop thinking about all the nights we had
the good and the bad
I cant help that it makes me so sad
Thinking of all of our inside jokes
He doesn't miss em he just goes out n smokes

I crave affection so
Dealing with this rejection
Makes me starve myself for perfection
Facing my family was one of the hardest things
They did not question
because they see the depression
They see it in my eyes
Even though I do not cry
Only when I am alone,
So that it goes unknown

Went out and tried to fill the space in my heart
However no boy seems to fit the part
They’d never be true
Just a good person to sleep next to.
I do not understand how he moved on so fast
but I guess that just shows that our love for one another was very vast...

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