Light of the World

November 18, 2007
By Amber Worth, Fort Wayne, IN

A cross aglow
In that old sanctuary,
Echoing with silence.
The pews,
Void of people,
Unmoving in the dark.

That serene dark,
With dim candles aglow,
That were lit by the people,
Who now convene in the sanctuary,
In those dusty pews
In that echoing silence.

Broken silence,
Ringing through the dark,
While the pews
From the stark lights of the sanctuary,
Illuminating the faces of the people.

Those people
Sitting in utter silence
In that old sanctuary,
No longer dark
But aglow
From the hearts of the people in the pews.

The ancient pews
Laden with people,
Their hearts aglow
Their voices sounding out through the silence
Shattering the last bit of dark-
ness in the corners of the sanctuary.

And in that old sanctuary
With the dusty, old pews,
Jesus drove out the dark,
Spreading his light to the people,
Who no longer sit in silence
But set the world aglow.

Our world no longer dismal, but aglow with His love that shone in that old sanctuary.
Silence no longer fills the church and the pews are now filled with children of God.
His people sent out into the world to conquer the dark-ness of sin.

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