Faces on the wall.

November 18, 2007
By Jennifer Duenweg, Stanton, CA

Faces on the wall.
I'm here in my room
Looking at the faces I thought I knew.
And right now I feel like sinking somewhere.
Anywhere besides here.
I'm looking at all the faces.
The faces on the wall.
I think I'll find them in the spaces.
But I can't.
I just can't.
From all the disappointment to the madness that went on in my house.
I'm in a dark hole like a mouse.
But I can't get out.
My mind is somewhere else tonight.
And I might be right.
That the sinking feeling everybody gets once in a while.
Can't last forever.
So tonight I will change from the person I no longer know.
Into the person I know I can be.
And all the people I disappointed.
Will see
Those faces on the wall are once again me.

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