A Place in the Dark

November 18, 2007
I’ve seen to many days now,
Where there was no light.
I couldn’t even see two feet ahead,
There was no future for me,
Not with how I feel,
Not with what I’ve become.

Struggling my way through,
Fighting to come out alive,
I’m not going to lie,
There were times I tried to quit,
Times where I didn’t know what was left for me.

I felt like no one wanted me,
There was nothing I could do,
I could no longer fake a smile,
I could no longer fake happy,
No more could I hide the pain,
The tears begin to mix with blood.

All that I did was not okay,
It never seemed enough
These thoughts in my head,
Are no longer whispers,
Now they are screaming!
Telling me I’m not good enough,
I’m not worth the life I was given,
They are telling me to die.

These voices they just get louder,
They are so loud I can not ignore them.
I think they may be right
I don’t know what I have in life.

Would you go on living a life of pain?
Living a life of sorrow?
Would you go on living a life of tears?
Living a life of shame?
Would you go on living a life not right?

What would you do?
Could you go on with life?
Do you even dare to ask for help?
Do you even tell what you feel?

Then I begin to wonder,
Who would notice if I died?
Who would cry when I’m gone?
Who would care that I was not around?
Who is going to care about me?

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