Three Little Swallows

November 18, 2007
By Rachel Lytton, Eugene, OR

Three little swallows
Swallow gulps of air
Swaying on the telephone wire
I am there sitting next to you
But you're still sitting right next to her
One who warbles more beautifully than I
Flies higher than I
Sings truer than I
Strokes your heart gentler than I

I will fly to the burning sun
And bring you back a golden sun ray
Then will you accept me?
I will dive to the farthest depth of the sea
And swim you back a string of mermaid pearls
Then will you see past her?
I will sit here on this telephone wire
Preen my feathers so you can see
These peacock feathers
Shimmering under my gritty skin
Then will you love me?

I'll leave the shining sun ray
In a water-filled glass
By the window on the twelfth floor
I'll place the rolling pink lipped pearls
In a sea shell dish by the door
And on your pillow, I'll place
One perriot green peacock feather more
Plucked again from the wings
Of a sad little angel swallow
Curled up on the dresser drawer

And in you'll stroll
Your soul is shinning
Rainbows in my eyes
I peer out between my feathers
Gazing out from the dresser drawer
I see your blooming forget-me-not smile
And I fall even further for you

Then like a first unwrapped lollipop
On a leash you'll guide her in
Right before my watering eyes
You'll undress her
You'll caress her
She is beauty
Beauty spills from her eyes like
Transparent watercolors
Beauty escapes from her parted lips
And you sip from the cup of a goddess
And I watch
Tears spill from my eyes
Normal tears, salty, not sweet
Its not beautiful
Plain water thats just

And hopefully,
You'll have left the window open
To let the forgiving breeze in
To steal away my crumpled shell
I'll take the sun ray
I'll take the pearls
I'll take my feather
I'll leave but a soft
Trail of tears
One teardrop on the pillow
One teardrop by the door
One teardrop by the window
Then this angel swallow
Might find her downy wings
And fly once more

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