Getting your heart broken is like getting shot

November 18, 2007
Getting your heart broken is like getting shot
But really your heart is getting ripped right out of you.
Sometimes you just want to be alone in your world.
It hurts a lot when it happens
You don't really want to talk to anyone
'Cause just thinking about that person makes you want to cry and cry
Because knowing that you're know longer with that person.
It makes it harder to get along with everyday life.
Most of the time when you're in your world
You just think about that person all the time
When you get to be with another person
And you bring up times with that person
That you were just recently with.
It's good to cry
It's good to want to be alone
So you can try to heal up
And try to not think about that person that much
Thinking about your fun times is a good thing
Unless you're trying to get rid of those feelings fast
But you have to give it time
Your heart wont get better for a while.

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faypirate23 said...
Aug. 19, 2010 at 12:34 am
wow..i just got my heart broken recently ;(
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