I Miss How

November 18, 2007
By Ashley Nichols, Ft. Worth, TX

you were the light
you were the song
you were my light
now what went so wrong?

first it was new
first it was fun
sitting there with you
but now you've gone

I used to cry
I used to stress
you knew why
oh what a mess

when time went on
and depression was my mood
it was time to move on
for the better good

now that it's done
now that your gone
I made a mistake
I made a mistake

they say it was right
but I feel like its wrong
my heart wants its light
my heart wants its song

you said we'd be friends
I looked forward to it
now why does it seem
like I don't exist?

are you just shy?
is it just awkward?
let's watch the sky
just like before

I gotta tell you
gotta tell you now
that I miss you
and how

how you laughed
how you smiled
how you walked
how you talked

I want to be your friend
so don't act like I don't exist
I miss my light
I miss my song
I miss my guy
I miss my smile


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