We said it was over.

November 18, 2007
By Ashley Nichols, Ft. Worth, TX

We said it was over.
Before it even began.
Now that it's over
it's like we can't be friends again.

But since it's over
why cant I stop
it's over
stop thinking about you?

You seem happier
did I bring you down?
I hate that it's over
all I can do now is frown

you never said you liked me
you never said I was beautiful
you acted like you liked me
now I wonder if it was true

because now you are smiling.
smiling more,
and I'm not the reason anymore.

you never talked to me much
I understood
I thought you were shy, but laughed much
much around your friends.
though we never talked much
though we didn't act like it
I liked you.
liked you a lot.

now that it's over
I wish I had never
never thought of you.
never tried to be your friend.
never given you my time.
never said you were cute.

I wish I had never
talked about how much I adored you.
said you were adorable
had the cutest smile
the sweetest voice

yet if I had never
I wouldn't have had you.

though it is over.
I'm still crazy about you.

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