Can't Say Your Name

November 18, 2007
By Ashley Nichols, Ft. Worth, TX

Something once so sweet
That tingled my tongue,
Is now so bitter
and brings pain to my heart

It's something forbidden
that I can't have
something I want
but yet I have lost

I can't say your name
For fear of the thoughts
Fear of the memories
And the times I have lost

Your name is like coffee
just freshly brewed,
I can't stand to drink it
But yet I can't get enough

Your name is like poison
that easily could kill
stop this beating heart
and the happiness that it filled

Can't say your name
and all I have lost
I hate to admit it,
but it's all I have got

I can't say your name
Can't say your name
But I hear it around me
Like a never ending song

Though I can't say your name
I never will promise
That thinking your name
is the least of my problems

Can't say your name
Won't say it out loud
Can't say your name
Unless it's me in your arms

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