From Peace to Pandemonium

November 18, 2007
By Alan Bisco, Clifton, NJ

The sky was clear and the streets were crowded
Just a regular day, no one would have ever doubted
That things would go as planned, no unusual shifts
No particular reason to consider appreciating our gifts…
Then a plane crashes into the 80th floor
Into the side of a building that would soon be no more
People scream, shout, some gaze at this lurid display
People run people freeze in this time of dismay
Then another plane crashes into the buildings twin
This one penetrates through both sides then blows up within
Firemen rushed as the fire quickly grew
No one was expecting what was about to ensue
The first tower collapsed and as if that wasn’t enough
The second tower fell creating mass amounts of dust
Debris showered the area, chaos was amidst
How did we not discover these terrorists?
This sad historic event will taint my history book
But it can also be seen from a different outlook
We all came together every race, every age
To save lives, and calm people in this time of rage
This day like no other serves no purpose for regret
Because this day we all shared is a day not to forget.

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