Her love is filled with dough

November 17, 2007
By Courtney Timmons, Charlotte, NC

Her love is filled with dough and covered in frosting .
I’m just the cherry on top, the caramel filling, the graham cracker crust.
The timer on the stove is barely moving.
Banging pots and pans.
Cooked sugar fills my schnozzle.
Powdered sugar on top of triple chocolate chip brownies taste like heaven on earth.
The thought of dark, warm, gooey morsel melting in my mouth
Makes my tummy rumble.
Ms. Smith’s recipe for French Apple Pie, peach cobbler and cinnabons
Once originated in Atlanta, now in my kitchen.
Forget triple chocolate chip brownies when there’s
Lemon squares, key lime bars and Hello Dollies
With melted chocolate and butterscotch chips covered in toasted coconut.
Say, wouldn’t this time of day ne even better without having dinner before and a tummy ach after?
Brussle sprouts and meatloaf isn’t my cup of tea.
I don’t even like tea, unless you add honey.
I’m down wit the caramel lattes wit whipped cream sprinkled with brown sugar,
Hot chocolate wit marshmallows,
Vanilla bean frapachinos.
Otherwise I ain’t tryin to hear it.
Delicious sweets cause one to be fat.
(but I ain’t down wit that)
Would you like a bakesr dozen?
What exactly is a bakers dozen?
Is it enough to make my tummy rumble and my taste buds quake?
The cannoli filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and powdered sugar
Is romance in a pastry shell.
Scoops of maple honey frozen yogurt.
Just lactobacillus bacteria and warm milk in a cup.
She swims in clouds of cookie dough, butter pecan, cookies and cream.
Ms. Sweet tooth passes by the licorice sticks, blow pops, jujubes and gummy bears.
She goes straight for the cake.
Looking into my future I see burnt cookies,
Tummy aches and obesity from all crembule.
High voltage currents run through my taste buds.
Life is short so eat dessert first!
It’s the crème de la crème
The cream of he crop.
Aunt Annie’s cinnamon pretzel flies straight to the top as it screams,
“Eat me! Eat me!”
And her love is filled with dough and covered in frosting.

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