The pain 1 seeks 2 leave

November 17, 2007
The pain 1 seeks 2 leave
Somedays the pain never seems to end
i pray for sunshine on rainy days
somedays i crying myself to sleep is
the only way out
pain and myserie peirces my heart
at makes it cold
the darkess things approach m y mind
but whose to say this is not the end
I strugglr everyday going on with my life
how could someone hurt someone else so much I wonder so why must the piercing of my heart be empty from the fufillment of my mind body and spirit
I seek for a way out
but where to go its unknown
my spirit is strong but my flesh is weak
And why must i endure nthis devastating pain
then ahain if i was 2 leave will it happen again
to the naked eye who knows where shall my destiny take me and will it ever be enough
When will the pain End?

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