I now moved on

November 17, 2007
By jacqueline lee, Providence, RI

I now moved on, I now am changed. The person I was before is not the same.
Now I'm happy, now I am free. At last I'm at peace for just being me. If I can go back and change anything I would change nothing at all. I fell hard but now I'm standing tall. I learned a lesson in life and now I can see after all the sweat and pain it was all worth the fight and game.
I thought I lost the most valuable thing in my life, but now I know I was not losing anything at all actually it was just the beginning of a wake up call.
I was receiving something money, family and friends can't buy I was receiving gift a value in life.
All the bad things that happened to me in the past and all the bad things people have done to me I forgive them.
Why because that’s what God wants and expects me to do to forgive all those who have done me wrong even if I was right all along. Not only do I forgive them deep down inside but I ask God to forgive them also on the side.
I know that if I do that it would make me a stronger person not only in God's eyes but to the other person.

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