She is Beauty

November 17, 2007
By Sofia Alfonso, Rockville, MD

Her eyes remind me of snow at night, a soft blue, gray mixed within. Her hair, a cornfield with rich soil underneath.
She is Happiness.
When I look at her, joy floods my soul. Her smile, although crooked, makes me smile as well.
She is Compassion.
She welcomes and greets all as if they are all her friends. She does not know a single one but is happy to include them in her conversation.
She is Joy.
Always excited about the day, she will never stop prancing about. No matter how cold or miserable the day is, she laughs all her worries away.
She laughs and she smiles and she brings joy to those around her but
She is Sadness
Troubled by her discouraging family, she comes to her companions to seek refuge from her life back home.Her parents scold her, even when she has done nothing wrong.
She rarely speaks of it, but every once in a while, we can see it in her snowy blue eyes how troubled her soul truly is.

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