On the Road Again

November 17, 2007
By Seth Sizemore, Lexington, KY

Waiting for the sound of the rain
Waiting for you to come out from under there
Waiting for an iron fist to nail me to the wall
Happens every time love blinks it's eyes at me
Here we go again...
There you are, face watching at the window
There you are, tears stream into the sad side of the wind
There you are, hoping that your star will remain in the sky
If it falls, you wonder will it land right next to you
There you go again...
Here she comes, with wings to fly me far away from you
Here she comes, her smile makes me kill your memory
Here she comes, willing to provide me with the image of an angel
An image which you took out of my eyes
Here I go again...
How I want to walk across the sun
Where the sound from your gun
No longer echoes in my ears
How I tried to call across the sky
You blinked a tear and replied with a sigh
Creating a reality to give to all my fears
How I yearned to sing into the moon
Saw a false reflection in a silver spoon
I bleed in unison with your tears
I'm on the road again...
Wandering into another hopeless horizon
Wandering into another pair of wingless arms
Wandering along another broken, jagged edge of life
I look down, and with my soul in your hands, I watch you fall
I'm on the road again...
With a smile and a sigh, I say goodbye to you
I'm on the road again...
With a smile and a sigh

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