True Love

November 17, 2007
By Freddie Keller, Center Point, TX

I'm not your stepping stone.
I'm not of rock, but bone.
I can break under this weight.
I cannot bare, too much at stake.
You step on me and I feel pain.
I'm not just here for your own damn gain.
I give you a shoulder and you take a limb.
You block my light, my life is dim.
I give you my heart and you take my soul.
I lighten your life and my own grows cold.
I let you feed off of me if it makes you glad,
meanwhile, my life grows sad.
What was once a star is now an ember
that grows bleek in deep December.
Now my embers turn to ash.
I break down and act so rash.
I'm crying now because of you.
How dare you ask, "What I do?"
You aren't there for me like I was for you.
Was I clouded in my view?
I thought you were there for me so long ago.
What's new now that I don't know?

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