A little boy called Peace...

November 17, 2007
When our good God made the world,
He made it calm and tranquil.
He put a little boy in charge
To see that no blood would spill.

No blood of friend or foe, alike,
Could spill before the end of time;
To kill another in pure spite
Was an unforgivable crime.

True, the little boy called Peace
Did his best to obey his words;
The animals did abide by them,
And so did the bugs and the birds.

But there came a terrible day,
When one of God’s very own
Did the most unforgivable-
He flouted peaceful terms long known.

The human that he was by flesh,
By blood, by the way he’d grown,
He killed another of his kind
Over seeds of dissent he’d sown.

Soon, squabbles turned into big fights
And big fights turned into big wars.
All this time, Peace was hiding below,
Watching men lock horns, make scars.

The wars rage even to this day,
With new forms of inflicting pain,
Including diseases and death;
Peace cried against them, but in vain.

He burrowed deeper underneath
To block out all the gory sound.
He wanted to get out and speak,
But there was too much violence around.

So people, if you want to see
The real dawn of a calm time,
Get peace out of his deep burrow-
Show him a less violent clime.

He will recreate the good times,
With added dollops of calm and quiet;
So you can stay happy always,
Your lives as peaceful as peaceful can get.

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