Every stupid annoying pet peeve

November 17, 2007
Every stupid annoying pet peeve,
Every kiss i ever receive,
Every time i watch you leave,
Every moment that i get,
Every rain drop that gets me wet,
Every time i think of when we met,
I feel you,
Every answer that is true,
Every time you tie your shoe,
Everything that you do,
I feel you,
Every time that our lips get brushed,
Every time that your in a rush,
Every song you've ever wrote,
Every beautiful soul touching quote,
I feel you,
Every love I've ever witnessed,
Every long lasting kiss list,
Every hot overbearing day,
Every time you get my way,
Every thing you ever say,
I feel you,
Every time you brush my hair,
Every time you love me enough to care,
Every time that we touch,
i know you love me very much,
If you haven't got it already your the only one to keep me steady.

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